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About Promise Rings Rings For Couples BIG, BOLD AND EXPENSIVE PLUS HISTORY

You've probably seen promise rings before. What are they? Are they a necessity? Should you wear them and purchase them? Are the rumors being circulated around among friends about the rings real? We've gathered all of the information you need on engagement rings to help you determine the difference between gossip and the truth. Read on and find answers to your questions.


A ring you give your lover or exchange with her as a symbol for a future wedding is an engagement ring. They agree in advance, so to speak that they will marry each other. A ring can be handed from one person to another, or two rings can be exchanged in the same manner as wedding rings. An engagement ring is neither a commitment ring nor a purity band (of which later) it is exactly what it is: a tangible promise of marriage, of joining lives, when circumstances finally work in your favor. Take it as the promise ring definition.

The meaning behind a promise RING, explained

You may wonder, Why do you need to marry? It is possible that you will not be able marry your spouse right away because of the nature of life that is unpredictable. It could be because you're financially unstable or you are still finishing your studies or one of you has to leave the country for some time, and the time is very long. Teenagers may also exchange engagement rings once they are certain they will marry when they reach the age of adulthood.

To protect love from doubts and nurture the hope of the future, this ring is given as a reminder that sooner or later a reunion will occur. It is not a proposal as such - this is not the meaning of the promise ring; it is an assurance that in the next few years, the sequence "engagement wedding - engagement family life" will take its place.

From Romans to Romanticity: The Development of the Historical of Promise Rings

The history of promise rings is as long and fascinating as any other jewelry item with meaning. We'll only highlight only a few significant points from the past.

Promise rings first appeared in ancient Rome when marriage was a major family event and included the transfer of huge fortunes and possessions. To ensure that the marriage would take place after all the commotion and legal disputes the groom presented rings to the bride. It was not a modern engagement, but a legal promise to seal the marriage contract between the families. Unfortunately there's nothing romantic about the ancient Roman promise rings.

In the Middle Ages, such rings were secretly given as gifts to beautiful women whose love a knight or a renowned man was trying to achieve. If the ring was accepted, it was a sign of successful. The rings could have a specific combination of stones or a delicate inscription on the inside of the band.

In the 19th century the tradition of the promise ring was reinterpreted to reflect the modern world as increasing numbers of young and not so young bachelors needed to establish themselves financially and then headed to foreign countries to test their luck. To assure the lady who loved them that the groom to come would be loyal and devoted and to assist her during the separation, these rings were given as a souvenir.

Wealthier people simply exchanged such rings to show off their style and the rings could be quite unique and imaginative since this was the time of high interest in codes and charades.

What is the basic conviction behind this the ring?

The ring in modern times is similar to an agreement you make in your words, but it's typically in your hand and constantly reminds you of the promise. That's its purpose - to show and remember someone's love and commitment to marriage. It is a solid confirmation of vows or promises made. You wear the ring knowing that you'll definitely get married and start an extended family with someone you admire.

Should I make a commitment to ring?

Let's try to rephrase the question: Why should you do it (exchange rings of promises)? You shouldn't exchange promise ring if you are not going to marry the person. This is the most basic reason. If you're getting married and aren't able to afford the wedding, you can also bypass this step and save a few dollars for the engagement ring. You can't manage them in any way.

But on the other hand, if your situation isn't that bad and you love each other but aren't able to tie knot now or soon and you're not sure, why not put up an object that can remind you and your lover that this delay is just is a matter of timing? and you'll have that romantic or minimal wedding and honeymoon sooner or later? A sweet memory can sometimes inspire you, lift your spirits you, and encourage you to work towards the ultimate goal. For your loved one this ring is an indication that you are absolutely committed to your marriage, family, and all that. If you can afford it, then a promise ring could be a wonderful idea.


The area of exploration here is immense. Current fashion allows you to wear almost anything and feel pretty good without having to be concerned about looking old. It depends on the preferences of a lady you want to give a ring to and your financial situation. Choose a ring which is understated, dainty and still beautiful. She will then proudly wear the ring of her promise, which indicates she's completely serious.


Rings for men are usually more minimal and reserved, sometimes even brutalist. However, if you'd like something a little more sophisticated and elegant you can wear it without hesitation. Today, rigid rules about what to wear have been dissipated, which means that anything is acceptable (as long as you can pull it off). If you're not trendy, pick something simple and neutral and it's a good match with any outfit.


The rings could be identical and differ only in size. In this case the significance of shared promise rings for couples is love and desire to bond for the rest of their lives. When choosing rings, choose jewelry that has a common element that is a substance and a gemstone or a striking shape, or maybe initials that are engraved.

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